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1. Are there any sanctions imposed against Mexico?
    There are no sanctions imposed against Mexico.
2. What are the regulated institutions in Mexico?
    Banks, securities brokers, investments funds, retirement managers, electronic money institutions, insurance companies, money transmitters are the regulated institutions in Mexico.
3. Who are the local regulatory authorities in Mexico, and which government authorities are responsible for the investigation and prosecuting money laundering criminal offenses?
    Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, National Securities and Banking, National Retirement and Saving System Commission(CONSAR), Unidad de Inteligencia Financiera Mexico(FIU), and Tax Administration Service.

    Federal Prosecutor General's Office is the government authority responsible for prosecuting Money laundering criminal offenses in Mexico.
4. What is the status of Mexico's FATF?
    In Mexico, the last FATF Mutual Assessment report was conducted in 2017, which included implementing anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing standards. Mexico was deemed Compliant for 5 of the FATF 40 Recommendations and Largely Compliant for 19 of them.
5. Which global regulations Mexico have to comply with?
    Mexico is a country that complies with FATF, and It is a member since 2000 in FATF.
6. What are the AML obligations of the businesses in Mexico?
    In Mexico, if a non-financial institution is associated with money laundering or terrorist financing, It is punished a maximum of US$ 428,304. Also, institutions and organizations that do not comply with the required AML regulations and do not fulfill their KYC obligations are subject to specific penalties.
7. What are the local AML laws and regulations in Mexico?
    In Mexico, the financial or non-financial institutions are regulated by Mexican AML Regulations and Mexican Law.
8. What are the penalties for failure to comply with Anti-Money Laundering law in Mexico?
    The maximum penalties to be applied to money laundering offenses are regulated not to exceed 15 years. However, in certain cases, this penalty can be increased to 30 years up. The maximum penalty for money laundering offenses is approximately USD 46,459.
9. What are the contact details of the relevant regulators in Mexico?
    Comisión Nacional para la Protección y Defensa de los Usuarios de Servicios Financieros
    Del Valle, Ciudad de México. C.P. 03100
    Teléfono: 55 53 400 999
10. Are violations of anti-money laundering obligations also subject to criminal sanctions in Mexico?
    Yes, under AML obligations, criminal sanctions are imposed on individuals who willfully alter any information or documents related to AML reports and disclose information about AML reports without obtaining prior consent from the regulator.
11. What can oblige institutions do to prevent money laundering and to comply with AML regulations in Mexico?
    There are specific AML laws for financial and non-financial organizations in Mexico. All organizations located in Mexico must comply with AML law. Besides, non-financial entities in Mexico are also required to comply with KYC and some AML obligations. Certain criminal sanctions are imposed on organizations that do not comply with the obligations.

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